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5. The Haunted House (and Other Stories), by Virginia Woolf

The Haunted House (and Other Stories), by Virginia Woolf (1944)

Virginia Woolf. Yet again, the things I know about the author are a bunch of factoids that are in no way descriptive of her style. She was depressed, had a couple of lesbian affairs, ended up drowning herself in a river with rocks on her pockets - that's what I've gathered so far. I saw "The Hours" but, knowing next to nothing about her books, I probably didn't enjoy it as much as I could have.
This book compiles half a dozen short stories with nothing in common apart from the being written by the same person. To be honest, I only liked half of them. Stories like "The Duchess and the jeweller" and "Monday or Tuesday" proved to be as unremarkable as "The Fisherman and his soul". They just didn't appeal to me, a certified simpleton. Then again, this whole blog thingy is for my personal enjoyment only and isn't trying to be a source of wisdom or...something even sillier. Anywho, my favorite one was "Lapin and Lappinova", a story about a girl who, after getting married, perceives her life as terribly dull and pointless. Then, out of nowhere, she realizes that her husband looks a bit like a...rabbit. Yes, a rabbit. She then devises a story in which her husband the King Lapin and she was Queen Lappinova, and they had lots and lots of rabbits. This went on for a while and each time she panicked in a social situation, her husband would mimic a rabbit and all would be fine. This worked until the day that King Lapin got tired of the story. Lapin and Lappinova were no more and the couple divorced. I feel empathy towards Lappinova, since situations like this frequently occur to me. I use my imagination far more than I should when things get too dreary. Instead of coping, and like Lappinova, I transform them into something fun. I also enjoyed "Haunted House" and "The mark on the wall". The last was particularly entertaining, since it started as a sort of diary of a normal afternoon but then evolved into a dissertation about...everything, really. Yet again, I found myself reflected in that story.
Could have been better, but who cares if it wasn't.


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